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Securely Attached Guided Journal



So you’re an adult with an insecure attachment style. Now what?

Create secure, healthy, and deeply satisfying relationships by transforming your old attachment patterns with more than 140 prompts in this evidence-based, practical guided journal.

Therapists agree the way to address troubling attachment patterns as an adult is through reflection. Licensed therapist, attachment nerd, and viral TikTok star Eli Harwood is here to help you do just that. Together, you will come to understand and transform the patterns in your romantic life. Want to find out why you're always running for the hills at the first sign of commitment or constantly spiraling with jealousy and anxiety? This journal is the answer.

The research findings suggests that our attachment patterns are set in place as early as 10 months old—but the data of adult attachment comforts and assures that yes, everyone can change their attachment pattern.

This workbook for romantically entangled (or romantically seeking) adults has:

  • Prompts for reflecting on your current patterns of behavior in dating
  • Research-based quizzes to help you delve into your patterns
  • Space to write about your past and present insecure patterns in relationships
  • Tips and tricks for your journey toward an earned secure attachment

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