Cosmo Zodiac Sex

Cosmo Zodiac Sex

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Ever wonder why one month is a nonstop bonefest and the next is more bust than thrust? Blame it on astrology! That's because each sign has its own sexy season and its own crazy sexy moves. Put this knowledge to sexcellent use with these zodiac-inspired positions. From Bossy in Bed Aries season with its commanding positions, to Slow 'n Sizzly Taurus season with its sensual vibe, people will find themselves trying new foreplay, incorporating toys, and hooking up in places they've never dared to before. Get ready for sex so good, you'll be seeing stars!


  •  A full-color illustration for every position
  • A Mercury Retrograde Emergency chapter with intimate sex positions for a time when misfortunes and miscommunications happen
  • A compatibility chart to find out how well you and bae vibe in bed together


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