A Guide to Vibes


Your guide to Vibrators.

Whether it's your first time buying a vibrator or you're a sex toy pro- you'll benefit from getting to know all the different kinds of vibrators that were designed with your pleasure in mind.  

Wand Vibrators

 Le Wand Petite Massage Vibrator in Violet

Shop now: Le Wand Petite in Violet $130 

Wand vibrators are designed with a long handle and vibrating round head for intense and focused external stimulation. 

  • External (i.e. clitoral stimulation or perennial) stimulation 
  • Most powerful type of vibrator
  • Doubles as a body massager 
  • Great for partnered play (use on clit during penetration) 


Bullet Vibrators

Grand Bullet in Rose Gold

Shop now: Grand Bullet in Rose Gold $100

Bullet vibrators are small and compact vibrators that are budget friendly and great for travel. 

  • External stimulation 
  • Compact Size 
  • Great for travel 
  • Perfect for beginners 


Clitoral Sucking Vibrators 

Womanizer Liberty Lily Allen
Clitoral Sucking Vibrators are designed to mimic oral sex by using pulsating, suction, and pressure waves. 
  • Targeted clitoral stimulation 
  • Mimics oral sex 
  • For Intense clitoral orgasms


Rabbit Vibrators 

NOVA 2.0 Flexible Rabbit Vibrator

Shop now: NOVA 2.0 Flexible Rabbit Vibrator $142 

Rabbit vibrators are designed for both internal and external stimulation for a blended orgasm. 

  • Internal & external 
  • Come in a variety of shapes 
  • Multi-sensory stimulation 


App & Bluetooth Vibrators 

Bluetooth Vibrator in Purple

Shop now: Bluetooth Vibrator in Purple $134

Innovative Bluetooth & App controlled vibrators are designed for long-distance couples or couple controlled play. 

  • Bluetooth and app controlled 
  • Great for long distance intimacy 
  • Partnered-controlled play 


G-Spot Vibrators 

Arc G-Spot Vibrator

Shop now: ARC G-Spot Vibrator $115

The G-spot is the erogenous zone located a few inches deep on the top wall of your vagina. G-spot vibrators are designed to stimulate that hard to find area.  

  • Specifically designed for G-Spot stimulation 
  • Internal 

Finger Vibrators  

Fin by Dame Products

Shop now: Fin by Dame Products $85

Finger vibrators are designed to fit on your finger for limitless play with your hands. Can be used all over the body or for targeted stimulation.  They're small, discreet, and perfect for solo or partner play. 

  • Great for all over sensation (nipple, clitoral, etc) 
  • Compact 
  • External 

Whatever style you chose, we invite you to try a new vibe this year! Take 20% off all vibrators all month of January 2021 using code NEWVIBES at checkout. 




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