Explore Sexuality Through Journaling: Unleash the power of reflection

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Journaling can be a powerful tool for exploring and enhancing our sexuality, connecting with our bodies, and cultivating a more positive and loving relationship with ourselves. Through reflective writing, we can explore our desires, fantasies, and fears around sex and intimacy, as well as gain insights into how our past experiences and societal messages have shaped our beliefs about sex and sexuality. Journaling can also help us track our sexual experiences, celebrate our pleasures, and identify areas where we want to grow and experiment. Whether you are new to journaling or an experienced writer, try some of the below prompts to help you reflect and enhance your sexual wellbeing.

Journal Prompts: 

  • What are three things you love about your body? How do these things make you feel?
  • Think about your current sexual relationship or the kind of relationship you would like to have in the future. What are some of your sexual desires or fantasies? What are some barriers to expressing them, and how can you overcome these barriers?
  • When you touch your body, what sensations do you enjoy feeling the most? What kind of touch feels good to you?
  • What messages about sex and sexuality did you receive growing up? How have these messages influenced your beliefs and attitudes about sex and your own sexuality?
  • Describe a time when you felt completely comfortable in your own skin. What were you doing, and who were you with? How can you recreate this feeling?
  • What are some things you would like to try sexually but feel hesitant or nervous about? What steps can you take to explore these desires in a safe and consensual way?
  • What does sensuality mean to you? How can you incorporate more sensuality into your daily life, beyond just sexual experiences?

If you want to take your journaling practice to the next level, consider investing in Sensual Self. This self-paced journal offers over 150 prompts to help you define and explore your unique sensuality, beyond just sexuality. Developed by Sexuality Doula® and sex educator Ev’Yan Whitney, Sensual Self is a written manual for your pleasure, guiding you to map and explore the inner landscape of your body, its textures, shapes, tempos, and temperatures that bring you bliss. With ample space to record your reflections and exercises that help you ground yourself, check in with your mind and body, and cultivate self-acceptance and body consciousness, Sensual Self is the perfect companion for anyone seeking deeper connection with their pleasure.

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