Eroticism & Tarot Cards

The history of eroticism and tarot cards is a long and fascinating one, stretching back centuries. Tarot cards have been used for divination, self-reflection, and spiritual guidance for hundreds of years. The earliest known tarot decks were created in the mid-15th century in Italy. During this time period, eroticism was often depicted on the cards as a way to explore the power of human sexuality.

The use of eroticism on tarot cards has been traced back to the Renaissance period when images of courtly love, erotica, and mythology were popularized in art. These images were often used to illustrate stories or myths that had been passed down through generations. In some cases, they also served as a form of censorship since explicit sexual images were thought to be too risqué for public consumption. This type of imagery is still seen today in some modern tarot decks.

The use of eroticism in tarot cards has evolved over time and can be found in many different cultures around the world. In India, tantric imagery is often used to represent spiritual enlightenment and divine union between two people. In Japan, manga-style artwork is often featured on tarot cards that depict sensual scenes between two lovers or sexual partners. In Europe, classical art from the Renaissance period can still be seen on many decks that feature mythical creatures or gods engaging in intimate acts with mortals or each other.

Erotic imagery can also be found in certain occult practices such as Wicca or witchcraft. Many Wiccans believe that sex is a sacred act that should be celebrated and honored rather than suppressed or shamed. As such, many tarot decks feature illustrations of goddesses engaging in sexual acts with one another or with mortals as a way to honor this belief system. Regardless of their origin or purpose, its clear that eroticism has played an important role in the history of tarot cards throughout centuries and across cultures worldwide.

Whether you are looking for spiritual guidance or simply want to explore your own desires through art, theres no doubt that you can find something meaningful within the pages of an erotic tarot deck!

Sofie Birkin has created a gorgeous deck of fully functional tarot cards based on traditional tarot iconography illustrated with an erotic twist. Her bold characters and bright, playful images prioritize inclusive representation, encourage daydreams, and aim to empower. 

A booklet explains in detail how to interpret the cards and conduct your own readings along with the fully illustrated cards. Gain insight into what lies ahead and which opportunities to watch for, along with a fresh perspective on your love life.

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