How to choose the best lube 💦

A quick and easy guide to choosing the best personal lubricants for sex. 

Do I need to use lube? 

The body produces its own lubrication through vaginal arousal fluids and saliva but we highly recommend using a lube to make sexual acts more comfortable and pleasurable. The anal canal does not produce its own fluids so it is necessary to use a lubricant if you are having anal sex. 

Which type of lube should I buy?

Water-based lubes are our all around favorite type of lube. Always keep this type on hand as it's your best bet for most sexy situations. 

✅ Sex toy compatible 

✅ Safe to use with latex condoms 

✅ Won't stain fabrics 

✅ Safe for masturbation, vaginal, and anal sex 

✅ Ideal for people with sensitivities 


Silicone lubes are long-lasting, utlra-slick, and great for water-friendly fun. These are best for longer sex sessions as you rarely need to reapply. 

✅ Great option for anal sex 

✅ Longer lasting / no need to reapply 

✅ Shower friendly 

✅ Latex safe 

❌ Do not use with silicone toys 

❌ Can stain fabrics / difficult to clean 


Oil-based lubes are great for handjobs, masturbation, and massage. 

✅ Vaginal & anal sex 

✅  longer lasting than water-based lubes 

❌  Not latex condom friendly 

❌  Can stain fabrics / difficult to clean 


Hybrid Lubes gives you the best of both worlds. Enjoy the natural feeling of water-based lubes while also getting the benefits of a longer-lasting silicone formula. 

✅  Best of both worlds 

❌ Can damage silicone toys 


Ingredients to AVOID in lubricants: 

1. Glycerin(e) 

2. Nonoxynol-9

3. Petroleum or petroleum-based ingredients 

4. Propylene glycol 

5. Parabens 

6. Chlorhexedine Gluconate 

7. Sugars & Sugar alcohols 


 Slippery Suggestions: 





 Silicone lubes 







Oil-Based Lube




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