Ready to Explore Butt Stuff?


A quick how-to guide for folks curious to explore new sensations but don't know where to start: 

🍑 Start with Communication 

When you're ready to explore with a partner begin by having a conversation. The most important thing is establishing that it appeals to both partners, that you are both comfortable, and that there is a solid level of trust. 

🍑 Go Slow 

Anal requires extra preparation and we don't recommend diving into penetrative anal sex first. Start with having your partner insert a finger, have oral anal sex, or start with a small butt plug

🍑 Use Lube

This is a non-negotiable. For safe anal sex you must use a high quality and thick lube to avoid cuts and tears in your anus. The anus does not self lubricate like the vagina. Our favorite, Sassy by Sliquids, is a water-based anal lube formulated with plant cellulose to create a thicker gel with more padding. 

🍑 Get a Butt Plug

Wear a butt plug during regular sex. Get comfortable and relaxed with having something inside your butt. We recommend Fun Factory's Booty Plug in size small. This one is great because it is flexible-yet-firm and has a base that flares out for safety. 

🍑 Be Prepared 

Don't stress about poo. Feces is not stored where anal sex happens (near the anus and rectum), but in the upper bowels. Poop residue is possible. In the unlikely event that shit happens prepare yourself with moist wipes or a towel close at hand. If you've had a recent bowel movement you should be in the clear. 

🍑 Safety

Wear a condom when you know you need to. Do not have vaginal intercourse after anal sex. 

🍑 Have fun

Experiment with positions. Find pleasure in the sensations and nerve endings in the booty. Enjoy the new experience and intimacy with your partner. 


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