Romance Awareness

August is National Romance Awareness Month. Celebrate all month long with these products sure to enhance partnered intimacy, romance, and pleasure. It's important to spice things up if you are in a long-term partnership or if you're newly coupled these are great ways to increase intimacy. 

Here are 6 ways to celebrate National Romance Awareness Month:  

#1 Spark Romance

Spark Romance Intimacy Couples Game

Spark Romance: 50 Ways to Deepen your Connection is a great game for couples seeking to kindle a romantic spark. The adorable matchbook style box comes with 50 matchsticks prompts on ways to ignite chemistry. This is a great way to celebrate romance awareness month by trying out one prompt a day all month long. 


#2 Contour M - Massage Stone

contour m massage stone by jimmy jane

Indulge your love in a massage using the Contour M Massage Stone. This beautifully smooth porcelain tool can be warmed up giving you the benefits of a hot stone massage or cooled down for a refreshing sensation. What is more romantic than a wide-ranging relaxing massage across the whole body, including the back, neck and scalp? 

#3 Afterglow Massage Candle

jimmyjane afterglow massage candle

 The Afterglow Massage Candle is highly coveted and best-selling for a reason. The beautiful design and deliciously sexy scent engages all of the senses. This candle doubles as a luxurious warm massage oil, just drizzle on your partners skin for an unforgettable start to a romantic massage.  

#4 12 Sexy Days 

12 Sexy Days Gift box set

12 Sexy Days is a luxury gift box with 12 iconic products awaiting to reveal your sensual side. It's fashion meets eroticism- with a countdown that will keep you feeling both sexy and intrigued. Feel sexy for 12 days in a row and uncover one box per day. No cheating! The magic lies in the suspense. 


 #5 Mind, Body, Soul

mind, body, soul chakra lovers game

Partners achieve enlightenment and increase intimacy by playing Mind, Body, Soul. As you move around the board you ask each other questions designed to open up and heal your chakras. The questions are gender-neutral so this game works for ANY couple. This is a great game to increase intimacy between new couples or if you've been with someone long-term this is a great way to learn new things and see your partner in a totally new way! 

#6 Heart Wedge Sex Pillow

Heart Wedge Sex Pillow Liberator

The Heart Wedge Sex Pillow is perfectly contoured for the derrier and provides a perfectly sweet incline for deep penetration and g-spot positioning. Make their heart sing all month by testing out this passion enhancing pillow. 

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