What to Do When Sex Hurts

If you are experiencing pain during intercourse you are certainly not alone. Millions of women suffer from having painful sex and do not speak to their doctor or partners about it. Sexual health and happiness is important to us, so we've gathered some things you can try and resources if you are one of the many women out there who are troubled and seeking solutions. 

Resources for when sex hurts

Resource #1 : A Woman’s Guide to Banishing Sexual Pain

Three experts in the field of sexual pain and women's sexual health address the myths, realities, and stereotypes of sexual pain in this easy to read book that will guide readers to the help and support that they need most. Topics include:

  • Causes of sexual pain
  • Choosing the proper doctor
  • Rebuilding sexual intimacy
  • Tips for understanding sexual pain

Also featuring groundbreaking research and stories from women that have suffered, and recovered from this difficult disorder, When Sex Hurts, provides the tools to stop hurting and start healing.

Authors: Andrews Goldstein, Caroline Pukall, Irwin Goldstein

 Resource #2 : Healing Painful Sex


In Healing Painful Sex, Deborah Coady, MD and Nancy Fish use their combined professional expertise as a doctor and therapist who specialize in sexual pain to provide readers with an understanding of its many causes and how to treat them, from both a physical and psychological standpoint.

Organized into three parts-naming the problem, getting a diagnosis, and overcoming pain--Healing Painful Sex includes medical checklists, illustrations, vignettes based on interviews with women and their healthcare professionals, treatment options, and guidance for moving forward after healing.


Resource # 3: Take a Pelvic Pain Assessment

The Pelvic Pain Project is a phenomenal resource center that understands how difficult it is to diagnose the pain you are experiencing. We recommend taking their Pelvic Pain Assessment, a journey through pain symptoms inclusive of sexual health and life quality. Once the assessment is complete, your results are in a printable PDF that serves as a tool to facilitate patient doctor communication and referrals.

Things you can do if sex is painful

#1 Always use a lubricant

If you are sensitive or experience irritation try a water-based lubricant like Good Clean Love's Almost Naked. It's made with natural and organic ingredients and is on many Gynecologist’s list of favorites. 

good clean love almost naked

Silicone based lubricants like Pjur are longer lasting and much more slippery. 

 #2 Try sexual activities that do not cause pain 

Play with oral sex and mutual masturbation. You can also try sensual activities like erotic massages


# 3 Try Ohhnut Rings

ohnut rings

Ohnut is a revolutionary wearable that allows for comfortable penetration. These comfy modular rings incrementally adjust so you explore what feels good. Ohnut compresses down to act as a soft buffer during sex. Each set comes with 4 linking rings that allow them to make simple adjustments to find the perfect fit.


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