The Best Sex Toys According To Your Mars Sign

The Best Sex Toys According To Your Mars Sign

"Knowing your Mars sign is key to unlocking your personal erotic passcode to the Studio 54 of the stars."

 We've partnered with modern mystic babes @intuitive_gangster to teach us all about our Mars Zodiac sign and why knowing your Mars sign is the key to sexual fulfillment!   

Expressing your sexuality through the lens of your Mars is key to accessing supreme pleasure and even enlightenment but it can also be dangerous, if misdirected. That is why it is so important to understand your Mars sign in order to evolve into the divine goddess you were born to be!

Warning: Using this type of magick may make you suddenly irresistible!

STEP 1: Find your Mars sign HERE:

STEP 2: Come back & learn about your Mars sign below:


Don't hold back, baby! Sex is the best when spontaneous and unrestricted. A Mars in Aries may genuinely care about you, but plain and simple, they're also all about the sex. Forget the roses and love songs, and send that dick or tit pic. Mars in Aries are most aroused by their partners sexual organs. In fact, they most probably have a curated catalog of former and current lovers stashed on their phone. Don't hate the player, hate the game! They crush a lot and feel alive when they have someone to desire. They get impatient with too much foreplay, preferring to get down to the point. Sometimes aggressive and generally fast, these sex babies are sincere and enthusiastic in their sexual expression. You won't have to ask them if they like that! For better or worse, you'll know...

Erogenous Zones: The head, face, and hair. A good hair pull, whispered dirty talk, and playing with their ears and they're all yours.

Sex Toy:


If they can touch it, see it, smell it (yea, even smell), taste it, and definitely feel it - you can win over the Mars in Taurus. Sex, to them, involves all the sense locked in. Unsurprisingly, the zodiac's bull is the most physical of sexual partners. They don't need the luxuries usually associated with their sign, as long as the mood is right and there is plenty of physical contact. They may not be spontaneous or like variety, but they are good at what they do because they are present. Sex in long-lasting and steady. Just don't ask them "Where is this going?" intellectualizing sex only confuses these babies.

Erogenous zones: Neck- they breathe for sex and love- and are easily turned on. Neck kisses are a fave.

Sex Toy:

Freeing up the hands, so they can focus on the other four senses is a key bonus of this toy. Not to mention, this stealthy but steady vibrating toy delivers consistent power maximizing the pleasure that it provides.


Our favorite flirts- Mars in Gemini love to put their mouth where the metaphorical money is! Passionate make out sessions, dirty talk, and oral sex are these babies’ passion points. They love role-playing, as long as its varied. Less driven by their desire and more by their intellect- you’ll have to forgive them for sudden outbursts or convos during sex. Also, be wary of the “buts” and “what ifs” surrounding sex- if pillow talk ain’t your thang.

Erogenous Zones: Arms, shoulders, hands. Shoulder massages and hand holding will take you far!

Sex Toy:

 Better than your boyfriend! --Did we say that?! It’s kind of guaranteed with this toy. With Mars in Gemini’s obsession with the mouth- it's no wonder that this top notch oral sex stimulator is the perfect toy for these babes. (Hey! It even has other zodiac signs jealous)


Awww, baby… You are such a sweetheart! Often facing the proverbial “friend zone” for their overly sweet nature, these sex babies are the most sensitive and sweet lovers. When they aren’t pouting that is (JK...kinda...cancers!). They are romantic, uber mushy, and might actually be honest with you when they say that they want to just hold your hand. As lovers, they are protective, devoted, and emotional. If you feel that vibe - romance and sentimentality will have you engaged in three weeks...MAX. Just be cautious of the moon cycle- their energy levels and their libidos tend to wax and wane with La Luna. That being said, they are in touch with their feminine side and have a natural talent for pleasing the ladies! They will appreciate the goddess that you are!  

Erogenous Zones: Breasts, breast massages, nipple stimulation, and kisses work like a charm!  

Sex Toy:

It’s a freakin heart. We couldn’t pick a cuter or more romantic vibrator if we tried. With 10 speeds, all we have to say is - EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT, Cancers! ;)



Love me like I love myself- is the motto of the Mars in Leo. Their fantasies often revolve around others devotion and attention. Loyal AF and natural pleasers, Mars in Leo take pride in their love making, making them extra willing to be the best. They can be possessive and jealous, making you prove your love. You might also not want to take a Leo’s word for it- They are notorious for stretching the truth to impress their lovers. The Zodiac’s prideful lion have trouble separating love from sex and can sometimes come on too strong and be impatient. Be direct and open in bed and you’ll have these big kitties purring.

Erogenous Zone: Heart, chest, and back. Massage their back and use your nails. These kings and queens will roar!

Sex Toy:

A Vibe for all the girls out there who run the world- is just what these jungle cats ordered! Two strong motos with ten different vibration patterns and a heat function to warm the vibe for added intensity- this fire sign will appreciate the ignition!




Leave it to a Virgo to see sex as a necessarily bodily function- BUT, Hey! Who are we to judge what gets the job done?! Virgo’s use sex to banish bad vibes- the everyday stresses and tensions that build up on their perfectly planned heads. Simple & sweet is their preferred

manner and they love to turn their partners on. They are respectful or likes and dislikes and focus on the moves that they know have the most success. These babies are curious about sex, but often times don’t take their curiosity beyond fantasy. They will “do” more than other signs and aren’t afraid of getting dirty within the confines of a healthy relationship.

Erogenous Zones: Stomach and Brain. Caress their waistline, make a to-do list with them, try some dirty talk. With a Virgo it’s really about you and how they can get the job done best.

Sex Toy:

This toy is efficient, cleans easily, and Virgos- with this dildo you can still do all the work. It has subtle texture and is great for those who desire simplicity.




Ohhhhh, BABY! The Zodiac’s people pleasers. This oftentimes

detriment characteristic finds its place in the bedroom. These sex babies love getting things right and are especially turned on by role-playing sex games. They are givers in bed, but expect the same in return. It’s a game of balance and change with these sexies! They have a strong desire for growth and variety in any sexual relationship and won’t hesitate to find it elsewhere. Libra is the pickiest of lovers. It must be the right mood and atmosphere. But, for all their pickiness, they’ll charm your pant’s right off!

Erogenous Zones: Lower back and Butt. Lower body massages will have them right where you want them.

Sex Toy:

This toy is pretty, simply put! With 8 pleasure settings- It sure to provide the variety that a libra mars needs. It is also just the right balance of sexy + sleek.



Don’t call a mars in Scorpio, basic! Their sexual nature is complex. While these sex babies share a common intensity in their desires, their expression depending on level of commitment, varies. That being said, they are willing to do most anything and enjoy full body pleasures. The sexual assassins of the Zodiac: they are cloaked, highly skilled, and lethal. Provocative but private- most will kiss and never tell. Sex is intimate and personal. Their libidos run high but so does their desire for mystery.

Erogenous Zones: Genitals, duh! You know what to do. If you don’t, send them a DM (wink, wink)

Sex Toy:

The forbidden fruit is perfect for these tempters and temptresses. With five different intensities and seven vibrational patterns, the large surface guarantees that no spot goes untouched!


The good-natured, fun-loving sign - Sagittarius don’t leave their zest for life behind when they enter the bedroom. To them, sex is a sport. Laughing and roughhousing are huge turn-ons. They love to have fun in bed! But, can be a bit selfish when it comes to their needs. Be direct and forthcoming to avoid any miscommunication. To use a sports metaphor, it’s best to- just do it. You can talk after, if need be.

Erogenous Zones: Hips and thighs. If you can get this global wandered to sit down, massage their inner thighs- that will have them coming home… time and time, again!

Sex Toy:

We couldn’t help but LOL when we chose this toy. For the ever-explorer, finally a souvenir that can act as a monument to their eroticism. You’ll always have Paris!




They’ll get it done just to show you how efficiently they can do it. Mars in Capricorn appreciate sex that is straightforward and simple. They prefer strong, powerful lovers who display some sort of authority. They are generally quiet about their sex life- although in true Capricorn nature, some will want others to know that they are on top of things in their sex life, minus the messy details.

Erogenous Zones: Back of the Knees. Knee play, it’s a thing...that we thought only Aquarius’ would be into (more on that later)

Sex Toy:

With 10 vibration settings, it's always hits the spot, gets the job done, and is a healthy serving of Vitamin D, all things a Capricorn can appreciate.




Our lovely little weirdos! Don’t think the alien talk is just “bar talk” - Aquarius’ love the unexplainable and definitely the unconventional! Aquarius’ have a take it or leave it style to love making. They don’t need you! They have their conspiracy theories to get them hot. They may no be the warmest of lovers, but they are the most open minded. Sex from a distance- phone, cyber, or affairs that don’t break up marriages- are where they really shine. Leave that text on read, and they are yours. In fact, it's a huge turn on. Voted “Most likely to slide into your DMS”

Erogenous Zones: Legs and calves. Caress their ankles and massage the lower part of their legs- it seems weird, but they are Aquarius (<3) need we say more!

Sex Toy: Tokidoki Unicorn Massager (OUT OF STOCK)


On that mystical ish… A Unicorn gets you off...Aquarius’ everywhere have already “Added to Cart”



Take it slow with these dreamy sex babies! Anything too strong or forthright might scare them away. The fantasy lover, metamorphosis is the piscean superpower. Mars in Pisces will talk to you about other dimensions, dreams, magic, and other oddities before they ravish you senseless. They prefer nonverbal expressions of love and are attracted to imbalance.

Erogenous Zones: Feet and toes. Foot massages, FTW!

Sex Toy:



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